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After the weekend, we often have lots of leftovers.  I usually spend Monday making a stock from the bones of a Sunday roast, fill lunchboxes with leftover veg and grains and plan an easy weekday dinner using cold meat.  Tuesday night will be lamb wraps made from the remaining lamb from Sunday lunch.

But here's a new idea that I picked up from the Thermomix Coffee Talk I hosted last week.  We learnt all sorts of ways to make our kitchen more sustainable and this was my favourite; 

Savoury Vegetable Breadcrumbs

  • Keep all your potato and vegetable peelings (you'll need about 300g, which could take a couple of days)

  • Wash them, dry them and...

It’s that time of year when some of us start thinking about the one we love and perhaps wanting to give them a little something to show them how we feel.  Valentine’s Day has become horribly commercialised as we are bombarded with tacky gifts that are meant to show our affection but usually end up in landfill - cards, synthetic hearts, helium balloons, etc.  How about spreading a little love to the earth too by making greener choices this Valentine's Day?

Here are some green or healthy gift ideas (some of the links are Swiss-based only but you can find equivalent services local to you):

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