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This is the best remedy to so many things from sorting out an upset stomach to reinvigorating your hair.  The best thing about it is that it is full of beneficial bacteria that help keep your gut healthy thus boosting your immune system.  It is incredibly simple to make and is a good way to use up apples if you have a glut or if they are past their best.  I often use the windfall apples and cut out areas that have been eaten by insects.

You’ll know that the fermentation has worked when you can see the ‘Mother’.  This is the cloud of bacterial foam which forms during the fermentation process and is full of the wonderful enzymes and minerals which are so benefici...

This week I was lucky enough to host a very interesting and topical ‘Coffee Talk’ by Laraba Friedman from ‘Balanced Healing’.  The subject was ‘Gut Health and it’s link to Mental Health’.  Laraba presented us with some interesting facts on how the gut plays a huge role on the way we think and feel.   We learnt how the gut is full of microorganisms (2.5Kg of the little things!)  We need a healthy balance of these microorganisms for the healthy function of the gut.  When there is an imbalance an intestinal dysbiosis occurs which can produce negative physical symptoms.  It can also affect our mind.  For example, as most of our serotonin is produced in the gut, an imbalance...

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