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It’s that time of year when some of us start thinking about the one we love and perhaps wanting to give them a little something to show them how we feel.  Valentine’s Day has become horribly commercialised as we are bombarded with tacky gifts that are meant to show our affection but usually end up in landfill - cards, synthetic hearts, helium balloons, etc.  How about spreading a little love to the earth too by making greener choices this Valentine's Day?

Here are some green or healthy gift ideas (some of the links are Swiss-based only but you can find equivalent services local to you):

It might be said that taking lessons from the past could save our future.  There is no doubt that the number of quick-fix cleaning products has increased massively since the middle of last century.  Products that promised hygiene and sparkle with minimal effort have become household names.  There are so many cleaners out there using harsh chemicals that need only be sprayed on a surface to do their work and dissolve any traces of dirt - before being washed down the plug hole and into our waterways.  Even the packaging screams pollution!

During the time of Mrs. Beeton, houses were cleaned effectively with a combination of time, muscle, natural ingredients a...

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