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At this stage, I can only do the basics as I really am a beginner. I made my first loaf in March but I have so far had a lot of luck and we have enjoyed some delicious sourdough creations ever since.

Obviously, the more simple the instructions are, the easier it is. So I'll keep it as clear and as simple as I can. 

Don't be put off by the time it takes. It's so worth it and once you get into a rhythm, you fit it into your day easily.

I've tried to lay out a timetable to give you an idea of timing but you can always make your own depending on your routine.

Sourdough Starter

A starter is wild yeast cultivated in a form that can be used for baking. This is your main f...

After the weekend, we often have lots of leftovers.  I usually spend Monday making a stock from the bones of a Sunday roast, fill lunchboxes with leftover veg and grains and plan an easy weekday dinner using cold meat.  Tuesday night will be lamb wraps made from the remaining lamb from Sunday lunch.

But here's a new idea that I picked up from the Thermomix Coffee Talk I hosted last week.  We learnt all sorts of ways to make our kitchen more sustainable and this was my favourite; 

Savoury Vegetable Breadcrumbs

  • Keep all your potato and vegetable peelings (you'll need about 300g, which could take a couple of days)

  • Wash them, dry them and...

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