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The Hunt for New Clothes

Ever looked at your cupboard and thought you have nothing to wear when actually there are tons of clothes staring back at you? Do you go out shopping to get something new for that one evening out, feeling like buying something will fill that gap? I nearly did exactly that on Saturday when I was invited to a themed party. I managed to stop myself and I remembered that I have more than enough clothes in my cupboard. The theme was floral so, with the help of a flower head band (courtesy of a friend), I went in a dress that I’ve had for years. It often takes a small purchase of a necklace, a belt or a pair of shoes to reignite your love for something old.

Apparently we use about 10% of what we have in the cupboard with many of us just adding more because we’ve forgotten or grown tired of what we have. I’ve recently tried to overcome this by wearing my way through my wardrobe. I’m no longer saving dresses for best and often wear something floaty with a pair of trainers. I haven’t quite stretched to wearing an evening gown for the school run but never say never!

I’ve recently taken up photographing an outfit each time I put something new together. My thinking is that I’ll build a little portfolio that I can refer back to. This works for me and stops me going back to my fail-safe jeans and t-shirt combo.

Different things work for different people but the most important thing is try to use what you have and if you really do need to buy something new, make sure it’s good quality so it’ll last you for years.

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