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It’s hot out there so there is a lot of temptation to turn to non-eco ways to stay cool.  But before you switch on the aircon, consider these more sustainable ways to control the heat;

  • Close all the curtains, shutters and windows during the day to keep the warm air out.  Fling them open in the evening when the temperatures are slightly lower and some cool air can come in.

  • Create a wind tunnel effect by opening opposite windows.  Place a fan under one of the windows facing the fan into the room and turning it on. This helps the breeze go through the house.

  • Hang a damp cloth in front of a window.  The warm air outside helps release the cool condensation into...

It is hard to reconcile being green with the need to get away from it all.  Most of us have got used to the concept of jumping on a plane to get a bit of sunshine (especially if you live in the UK).  Somehow we think that going far away brings some kind of relief.  Whether it be a different environment, culture or just some heat it brings a refreshing change.  It hasn’t always been that way.

Many of us grew up with much more simple holidays.  Ours was going to Jersey every summer.  It was very simple, involved no flying and we enjoyed the simple pleasures that family and the seaside could bring.  Even in the pouring rain.  It wasn’t until I was in my late...

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