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Clean Beauty

It does seem strange that we worry so much about eating organic, making sure we don’t consume nasty chemicals etc. And yet, we don’t worry the same way about what we put on our skin or in our hair. So many products contain harmful ingredients that we wouldn’t dream of ingesting yet we are happy to apply them topically. This is especially worrying as our skin absorbs around 60 -70 % of what is put on it. That includes all of those toxic chemicals going into our bodies.

So surely, we should apply the same rules about what we put on our skin as we apply for what we eat.

There is also the important consideration of the environment. Everything we put on our skin and use to wash our hair and bodies, ends up in the water system. So we can eat organic thinking we are helping to keep chemicals away from the planet and yet we end up washing them down the plughole every time we wash ourselves.

I’m beginning to slowly make changes towards a more natural approach to beauty. It’s tough as my needs are increasing with age and I am dazzled by some of the promises made by the expensive creams. But following a very interesting coffee talk last week by the gorgeous Angela Olivary, founder of Mellow Skincare ,I am going to make efforts towards a cleaner approach to my beauty regime.

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