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Stop For Lunch!

In Switzerland, where I now live, lunch is still treated as an important part of the day and to be respected by everybody. I used to find it annoying that everything closed down for two hours in the middle of the day. I often found myself trying to post a parcel at 12.40 to find the post office was closed for lunch. Tradesmen would disappear for two hours no matter what they were in the middle of doing. This is something that hardly exists in the UK. It’s almost frowned upon to stop for lunch. I had several manual labour jobs where there was no lunch break. You were expected to eat while driving to a delivery. When I had an office job, I would often stay at my desk and wolf down a sandwich, hardly noticing what I was consuming.

More and more information is coming out on how bad it is for us physically and mentally to not stop and eat. We don’t digest food properly and our stress levels remain at a constant high.

Stop for lunch. Switch everything off. Go to eat with friends or sit in the park. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes, the health benefits are enormous.

Bon Appetit!!

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