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My Guilty Secret

I have a guilty secret. When I reminisce about my favourite Sundays, I think about those filled with hours chewing through the Sunday papers. Supplements galore, plastic wrapping and glossy covers. Terrible!! When I lived in the UK, it was one thing that I would indulge in every weekend. I’ve lived away from the UK for nearly 8 years so I have not enjoyed this ritual for a long time. But I still associate Sunday with roasts, log fires and a spread of newspapers on the table. I’m so nostalgic about it that I would find it hard to never see that again. Mr. B is very happy to keep up-to-date with the Sunday papers on his I-pad. For me it’s just not the same. Nostalgia and habit are often to blame for stopping us from moving towards a zero waste world.

But fear not! None of us are perfect and if you really can’t let go of a guilty indulgence that creates waste, you can always look for ways to recycle. Of course, when it comes to newspapers, it is much better to download onto an electronic device but if you really can’t, here are a small handful of recycling ideas:

  • Make small paper cones to plant seedlings

  • Use to layer your compost heap

  • Lay over seed beds to keep them warm

  • Use to make eco wrapping paper

  • Polish windows after cleaning to get rid of streaks

  • Make papier mâché bowls

So if you are enjoying something that could create waste this Sunday, maybe you could think of some creative ways to re-use or recycle.

Happy Sunday!!

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