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When it comes to caring for the environment, none of us are perfect but it shouldn’t stop us from tr

With more alarming news that polar ice caps are melting faster than predicted because of global warming, there is a feeling of helplessness amongst us all. ‘What can I possibly do that will make a difference?’ ‘My recycling won’t change the climate’. But if you take part in a collective making the changes, it will. Be careful not to judge or dictate but share and learn ideas about how to make small changes to and from your friends, parents, children, colleagues. They don’t have to be drastic changes

A small shift in behaviour is all you need to help to make a difference.

Here are some ideas I’ve picked up and I am trying to follow (not always successfully!)

  • Drive less where possible – cycle, walk, take public transport or car pool.

  • Turn the heating down or use air con less or not at all!

  • Buy good quality clothing that keep you warm or cool and that last!

  • Recycle, re-use, upcycle and mend to slow down the rate of landfill.

  • Use less single-use plastic.

  • Fly less but if you do, do something beneficial for the environment like planting a tree.

  • Eat less meat. Eat good quality locally-sourced meat once or twice a week.

  • Make the most of leftovers.

  • Use less hot water. Have shorter showers and turn the water when adding soap to hair or body.

  • Use less electricity – turn the lights out when you’re not in the room. Take things off standby when not in use.

  • Launder less and air dry clothes.

  • Always carry a water bottle a carry cup for coffee or tea.

Just don't worry and don't be put off if you can't do it all! Small changes amongst lots of us make a big difference!

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