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The Horror of Halloween

I was in London recently and there was Halloween paraphernalia everywhere. Props, costumes and food. All of it was cheap, bright, plastic and nasty. Not only are the costumes highly flammable but they are used for only one night and then left to one side eventually ending up in landfill.

My children love Halloween and every year they want to decorate themselves and the house but this year, I'm going to do everything in my power to not buy anything new nor any non eco-friendly products.

Here are my ideas for a Greener Halloween:

  • Make pumpkin lanterns - that's an easy and obvious one, I know!

  • Create an authentic eco witch costume - no 17th century witches would have been seen dead in a purple, sparkly skirt. Wear black and drape an old grey or black shawl about your head. Go to town on ugly make up.

  • Make a sheet ghost - Use an old sheet. Cut two eye holes and job done. Cut the sheet up afterwards to use for cleaning.

  • Hire a costume.

  • Make biscuits for trick or treaters.

  • Delight and horrify party guest with 'The feely game' - make props for guests to feel under a blanket. For example cut half an orange and ask guests to push their fingers into it and tell then it's Nelson's Eye. A bowl of spaghetti can be a bowl of worms.

Taking an eco approach to life certainly makes things more simple and calm. So much less waste is produced and you remove yourself from the frenzy of consuming.

#Greenliving #ZeroWaste

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