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I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas

Having spent the last year, learning and sharing ideas on how to live in a healthier and more sustainable way, I am ready to take this Christmas by the reindeer horns and make it a really green one.

The amount of frenzied consumption seems to have got worse year in year out and we have all been convinced we must by more to make the festive period better. But slowing down is what we all need and Christmas gives us that chance to do just that. Stop to smell the pine and the mulled wine and to listen to the festive melodies.

It’s a time to be together with your family and friends enjoying long walks, hearty meals and happy reunions. To take time to decorate a well-chosen tree with a cup of tea or a glass of wine in hand (as is my tradition).

There are so many little things that we can all do to make a difference. Here's my list of ideas for enjoying an environmentally-friendly festive season:

  • Make your own reusable wreaths and natural decorations.

  • Make your own gifts – Chocolate, preserves and biscuits make lovely gifts or get creative and paint a beautiful picture

  • Wrap gifts in brown paper and tie with string. Decorate with sprigs of holly..

  • Turn the lights off when you’re not there and if using fairy lights, keep them on a timer.

  • Invest in reusable ‘Honey wraps’ to cover and wrap food.

  • Take your own reusable shopping and produce bags when you go shopping.

  • Sort out your larder so you can shop smarter and buy in bulk to minimise packaging

  • Invest in a 'soda stream' and make your own sparkling water and fizzy drinks. ' Soda stream' do really nice glass bottles now so you can fizz your own tap water and put them straight onto the dining table.

  • Compost all of your fruit and veg peelings.

  • Turn the heating down and wrap up warm. Invest in some good quality, ethically sourced wool and cashmere clothes and snuggle under some beautiful blankets. It’s better for your health and the environment!

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