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Bringing Spring into your Home

I may have mentioned before (just a couple of times) that Spring flowers are my absolute favourite. They bring into the house a wonderful, fresh scent evocative of carefree childhood days and a promise of bright new days to come. And they couldn’t be easier to arrange.

Here are some tips and tricks for arranging spring flowers

  • Most spring flowers such as tulips, hyacinths and daffodils last longer in shallow water i.e. just enough to cover the base of the stem.

  • Make the best impact by sticking to the same variety - A mass of the same flower looks spectacular. On my list of favourites are ‘Paper White’ Narcissus, hyacinths and, of course, daffodils.

  • Tulips carry on growing after being cut and put in water. They also flop over the vase so they need a vase that is tall enough and an arrangement that supports them.

  • Cut the bottom of the stem, strip the older leaves, usually leaving a stem and one leaf.

  • Place the first stem in the vase at an angle making sure the stem reaches the water.

  • Place the next stem a quarter of the way around the vase at an angle and over the top of the last stem.

  • Then the next stem another quarter of the way around.

  • Once you have four stems, a small grid starts to form.

  • Keep placing the stems in the same way until a sturdy ‘cage’ is formed.

  • To get the stems to stand tall in the middle, poke the last few stems through the frame of stems.

  • If you only have a few stems, you can make a grid across the top of the vase by making a crisscross of waterproof tape or floral tape.

  • In the case of Hyacinths, there is no need to cut the stems, simply rinse the dirt of the bottom. When you first buy them, wrap them in paper and sit them in a vase with some fresh water at the base. The stems will fill up with water and stand straighter in the arrangement.

  • Give the flowers a ‘country’ feel by using jugs, jam jars or old candle vases to arrange them. Gorgeous on a bedside table!

  • If you want a bit of structure and height for taller stems, mix in some branches such as ‘Pussy willow’, twisted willow or apple blossom.

  • Use a knife or scissors slice off the very tip of the flower and arrange the flowers making sure all of the stems reach the water.

If you would like a bit more help, join me at my Spring flower arranging class on the 5th March where you can enjoy spring flower arranging with me over a cup of tea or coffee and some cake. And of course some good chat!

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