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Happy Green Birthday to me!

Last week, I was blessed to spend my birthday week in the mountains with family and friends. The week was full of fresh air, laughter, sleep and exercise topped with large amounts of cheese, bread and wine! It was the perfect balance for a very happy week.

During my working life, I have enjoyed a number of different career options including selling wine and floristry. These two career choices particularly made my friends overly worried about the wine or flowers they chose for me. This birthday, has definitely been the best as everybody made an extra effort to think of green gifts. My daughter wrote to all my friends in secret and put together a gorgeous birthday video compilation. Safe to say, I cried like a baby as I miss everybody so much. My friend, Eve gave me a super stylish belt she found in a second-hand store and my sister sent me a wonderful kit to make home-made vinegar from wine.

Learning how to be green and sharing what I learn with everybody has introduced me to so many wonderful ideas and inspirational people. This birthday has proven to me that trying to be greener has not only influenced the circle of friends around me and made them think about making greener choices, it's shown me that life can become a whole lot richer.

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