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Yoga Moves

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go for a yoga retreat to the beautiful mountain village of Leukerbad courtesy of Yoga Moves Nyon. It was such a treat to get away with my lovely girlfriends and to be up high in the Swiss Alps enjoying 3 hours of yoga a day, thermal baths and mountain walks. What I loved the most was that the group was made up of people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. Everyone was welcome from beginners to advanced. No one was there to compete but to be the best version of themselves. They were there to do what they could do and to get the most out of the retreat for themselves. Our beautiful teacher, Heidi, spent much of the weekend reinforcing the message to do what you can do within your own ability and to do it for yourself with no judgement and no ego. It’s tough to do as our inner voices are constantly criticising our every move. I have always had an over-active inner voice which gives me a pretty hard time most of the day but this retreat taught me to try to ignore it and to focus on being kind to myself. Just because I can’t wrap my leg around my head, doesn’t make me a bad person.

So this month it’s my mission to be kinder to myself. I’ll definitely keep trying to do more and to do better but I’ll stop giving myself a hard time if I can’t do it all.


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