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Why do I love my Thermomix so much?

My friends may have heard me talk about it one too many times so I think I need to explain just why I love my Thermomix so much. Basically it has revolutionised my cooking as well as helped me manage my kitchen and larder in a much more sustainable way.

So, healthy recipes….

It makes light work of recipes that I used to avoid because they were too complicated. Cauliflower rice and curry dishes for example. With the Thermomix, you can whiz the cauliflower into rice, pop it into a steamer basket and suspend it within the Thermomix while the curry or casserole cooks in the bowl below. In fact, you can steam all sorts of vegetables or protein in the steamer tray or basket while cooking something underneath.

One of my family favourites is Lentil Moussaka – while the lentil sauce is cooking, the aubergine slices are gently steaming and infusing with flavour above. And the best thing is you can make the white sauce in the Thermomix bowl without even having to clean the bowl beforehand. Throw the three ingredients in the bowl and set for 7 minutes and you have a perfect white sauce. I’ve just put up the full recipe for Lentil Moussaka for you to enjoy.

And now a more sustainable kitchen...

Rather than buying several different versions of the same raw ingredient such as sugar, I can buy one and mill it to a different consistency, eg. from granulated to caster and then to icing sugar. The same with almonds, from whole to chopped to almond meal.

Herbs are a marvel too. I often find I have seeds and no powder. But Thermomix comes to the rescue. If I find I’ve run out of cumin powder for example, I can grind cumin seeds to make it in seconds. One of my most exciting discoveries was making my own garam masala from scratch.

Because it's easy to make so many different things at home with the Thermomix, it helps to reduce waste. It helps to make things from scratch with very little fuss – tortillas (in photo above), bread, dough, pastry, ice cream, lemonade so no more packaging coming into the house!

And don’t get me started on ice creams and sorbets!

So, in short;

  • It cooks

  • It chops

  • It blends

  • It saute’s (yes, it really does!)

  • It weighs

  • It sieves

  • It steams

  • It proves dough

  • It guides you through recipes


  • It even cleans itself!

To see this and more, I’ll be hosting some demonstrations on how Thermomix can help you be more sustainable and healthy in the kitchen. Watch this space for more seasonal demonstration dates.

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